Cooperative Purchasing

For Government, School Districts and Non-Profit Contracts

KMI wants to work with you!

Institutional artificial turf buyers often want KMI Sports Construction products and installation services, but can’t move forward without conducting their own formal bidding. This process – which includes market research, drafting specifications, advertising bids, vetting bidders, conducting interviews, and more – can take considerable time and effort. And when the bidding is complete, entities sometimes get stuck with products and service providers that they did not want.

There is a better way to do business!

KMI Sports Construction offers cooperative purchasing to state and government entities, schools and universities, and non-profit organizations through our affiliation with Buy-Board, TIPS-USA and a host of other co-ops. Through these strategic affiliations, your organization can provide premium synthetic grass products and services from KMI without conducting the costly and time consuming bid process.

How Co-Ops can benefit your organization

Co-ops ensure that member vendors like KMI Sports Construction are fully vetted before awarding contracts to public agencies. As a result, state and local government entities, public and private educational institutions, and tax-exempt non-profit organizations can bypass the bidding process and get the products they want from the vendors they prefer and trust.
  • Save time with a streamlined purchasing/contracting process
  • Get products at discounted rates
  • Gain access to ready to use competitively solicited contracts

Its Free:

Co-op membership is typically free and easy to join with a few clicks online. We can help walk you through the process if needed.

Its Easy:

Co-ops do all of the hard work for you.  It’s as easy as issuing a purchase order referencing the co-op contract and KMI does the rest.

Its Legal:

RFPs and IFBs are designed to comply with state requirements and statutes on the front end to allow for flexibility.

Its Proven:

Thousands of local governments, school districts and institutions use cooperative contracts for many of their current purchases.

Cooperative Purchasing Coordinator 

Sean Kincaid

Phone: (512)-287-9636    Email: [email protected]


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